Review: Apple’s iWork brings simplicity to Google’s docs



Though Apple’s iwork will not replace Office and Google doc s are better in many ways. However if you will use Apple’s iwork for few months you will certainly appreciate the ways it simplifies work.

Apple’s iwork is free with the purchase of new apple device such as the Mac version with new Macs and the iOS apps with new iPhones or iPads. Otherwise, each of the three apps costs $20 for Macs and $10 for mobile devices, or $90 for everything. With iWork, you can share and synced documents through Apple’s iCloud storage service.


The common thing about Office and Google Docs is that in it you primarily deal with a toolbox of options at the top and that is where you need to change fonts and adjust line spacing. With iWork, many of those options are moved to a palette on the right, which fills in the computer’s horizontal screen much better. The best part is that these options change depending on context. For example if you use it for basic text than you get basic formatting options such as font and size and that make you explore these features more and more.

Another neat feature: Select a column of numbers, let’s say, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. The app will automatically calculate the results using five of the most-used formulas, such as 108 for “SUM” and 18 for “AVERAGE.”

Apple iWork


Apple by keeping the iOS apps consistent with the Mac applications has done a good job as some options and templates are missing from iPhones and iPads. The main change: Instead of finding options to the right, you tap various buttons to access them. Apple promises to bring some of the features back in the coming months. With iWork, documents are shared and synced through Apple’s iCloud storage service. Changes made on the Mac show up on the iPad within seconds. (READ ALSO:- 10 best new iOS apps from February)

Apple’s iwork is not that smooth and versatile as Google docs. When two people try to change the same iWork document at the same time, everything stops until the document’s creator chooses which version to keep. It is very easy to convert Office files to iWork and back but doing this you might face losing formatting and formulas. iWork is not ready yet as a replacement for Office because of the fact that there are no stand-alone Windows apps.

There is a problem faced by some users while opening a page document that you will share through the web. Therefore, to send it you need to copy text into an email message. There is no doubt that Apple’s iwork is a right and a good option for personal documents that do not require a lot of sharing.

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