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Top 6 Latest tips To Prevent Hacking

We often think that hacking only happens to governments or companies. But well, it happens to people too. One of the unfortunate parts of being on the internet is getting hacked. If you really want to stay secure, then you should just keep off the internet. Now, that's something you ... Read More
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Top 6 Social Networking Sites in 2014

Today, there are many social networking sites which are widely popular all over the world. They have become so popular that people have made it an addiction. These sites have helped people around the world in many ways. However, here are the top 6 social networking sites of 2014. 1. ... Read More
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Top 6 Must Have Windows Software in 2014

The best software need not always cost you more. This happens for the very good business reason that developers often try to grab consumers attention by giving away their product, or at least a "lite"version of it, in the hope that you'll upgrade to a paid version. In other cases ... Read More
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Top 6 iPhone themes in 2014

There have been a lot of new iPhone themes hitting Cydia this year. Most designers are keeping to the trend of flat and simple designs when developing themes for iPhones. Here we have compiled a list of our top 6 themes that we think are worthy of running on your ... Read More
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Top 6 useful jQuery plugins in 2014

Looking for useful and effective Jquery plugins for new and old websites, mobile app or web app? Here are some of the recently developed jquery collection of 2014 that help developers to make websites more creative, effective, stylish and user-interactive. Each of these plugins have some specific role and features. ... Read More
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Top 6 Android’s Best Communications Apps in 2014

One of the most important uses for smartphones is communication. At the lowerlevel, communication means making calls, browsing on the internet, texting and e-mailing. But, you can dig deep down in the field of communication and see that it also extends to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many such things. Below are ... Read More

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